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Audiology/Hearing Aids

Welcome to Audiology Services of Newhall
& Audiology Partners Mission Hills

Audiology Services of Newhall and Audiology Partners Mission Hills are one of Southern California's leading specialty full-service dispensing audiology practices. We provide our clients freedom of choice with multiple lines of hearing aid technologies and models at every price point. All fittings are expertly fit using Real Ear Speechmapping technology, which ensures patients experience maximum benefit from their new hearing instruments. Hearing aid services are supported by individual aural rehabilitation and expert diagnostic audiological assessment. We develop individualized treatment plans for each patient based on the individual's severity of hearing loss, lifestye and budget. Demonstration and comparative fittings are available.

Our Audiology Services also include:

  • neuro-diagnostic testing, which includes several specialized tests that assist physicians in evaluating several conditions, including tinnitus, a sub specialty of the practice, dizziness an imbalance, acoustic tumors and other neurological conditions.
  • tympanometry/impedance, which diagnosis middle ear problems, such as Eustachian tube dysfunction, fluid
  • audiological evaluationwhich measures the degree and type of hearing loss, and assess whether hearing loss is medically treatable. Audiological evaluation also ensures proper selection and adjustment of hearing aids by determining the patient's comfortable and uncomfortable listening levels. accumulation and perforated eardrum.